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Imagine going back in time a few decades ago, you’re in Belluno a pretty little town on the edge of the Dolomites.

Right here, on a cold January morning at the foot of Mount Serva a farming family is gathered in the kitchen and are all busy: there are those who are mincing and mixing the meat, those who are assigned to the addition of flavourings, those who are still busy making the sausages, all are committed to doing their job.

Do you know what they are doing? They are preparing salami.

The morning passes quickly, the meat slowly takes shape and finally becomes a sausage. Then finally it’s time to have a snack, they are all hungry after a morning spent working. Grandmother carries a bowl filled with morsels of meat to the centre of a large table, a few moments, and silence falls: their mouths are full, from grandfather to aunt, from father to grandchildren everyone is eating Pastin.


Today Pastin is a source of pride throughout Belluno, whose original recipe calls for the use, in different percentages, of pork and beef, to which are added the flavouring. A fresh sausage, from wholesome ingredients. A local product made with selected meats that come from farms in the province of Belluno.

Pastin is the result of a hand-crafted process, tied to tradition and a passion for good things.
The meat when it arrives in the workshop of Cavarzano, is left to hang for a week, following the procedure of maturation in the bone: the parts of the front and the rear, hung on hooks remain in the cold room for a week, in this way the fibres relax, the flesh becomes soft and does not lose weight during cooking.



To prepare the original Belluno Pastin, not only must you follow the original recipe but you must also know how to choose the meat.
We personally know the farmers, who are small farmers, people who care about and are dedicated to their trade every day and often hand it down to their children. The Belluno farms, comply with the current rules in this area and the animals feed on hay and forage prepared by farmers, only with hard work and sweat, without the addition of chemicals. They are committed to the preparation of fodder throughout the summer, even on days of bad weather, when just in time the farmers manage to save a ready crop from sudden rain that smells of the mountain, a haystack the colour of straw that shines like gold.


Have you ever heard of traceability? Our Pastin really comes from Belluno and we can prove it by the lot number. A number that allows you to go back to the abattoir and the farm of origin.


You can receive Pastin directly at home, within a few days, with complete security.

Larin sends out this delicious product in Italy and throughout Europe. The vacuum-packed meat preserves intact its own characteristics while the polystyrene packaging contains a refrigerated gel capable of keeping the temperature controlled.

With short delivery times so you can be sure of the meat you buy when you open the package. What you find is a fresh Pastin, you can recognise it by its lively colour and intense aroma.