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  • Risotto with Pastin

    Risotto with Pastin A rich dish, in which Pastin and saffron are melted to create colour, flavour and taste. Easy to create and even pleases the little ones. What you need Carnaroli type rice 350 gr Belluno Pastin 300 gr Meat broth 1 teaspoon saffron ½ glass white wine Shallots…

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  • Pastin pasta and broccoli

    Pastin pasta and broccoli Pastin and broccoli are two ingredients that bind to each other very well, combined with pasta they then transform it into a first tasty course simple to create. For this recipe we recommend a short pasta format capable of wrapping the dressing, such as rigatoni or…

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  • Sandwich with Pastin

    Sandwich with Pastin You can mistake it for a hamburger, it certainly looks similar, email Sandwich with Pastin and it’s another world, the quality of the unique taste of Belluno meat. Perhaps the best way to eat Belluno Pastin is just that, close it in a sandwich and bite into…

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