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Savory croissant with Pastin

Savory croissant with Pastin


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Savory Croissant realized with puff pastry, Pastin, cooked ham, Leerdammer cheese and covered with Pesto sauce without garlic.

To be preserved from 0 ° to + 4 ° C
How to cook: bake in preheated oven at 180 degrees for 16 minutes.


Savory Croissant realized with puff pastry (wheat flour, oils and non-hydrogenated vegetable fat (palm tree, rape), water, wheat gluten,alcohol, salt, concentrate lemon juice, dehydrated yeast, concentrates of vegetable and fruit (Carrot, apple, lemon), flavorings), Pastin (made with choice of beef meat ( 35 % ) and pork ( 65 % ), salt, dextrose, vegetable fiber, E262 sodium acetate, antioxidants, E300 ascorbic acid, flavors, anti-caking agents E561, water, sparkling wine), cooked ham (pork leg, salt, saccharose. Flavour enhancer: monosodium glutamate, flavour and spice. Preservative: sodium nitrite. Gluten free, without poliphosphate, milk proteins and lactose added product). Leerdammer cheese (milk, rennet, salt), and covered with Pesto sauce without garlic (Extra virgin olive oil 39%, basil 18.5%, sunflower oil, powdered milk whey, grated cheese, wheat flour, butter, lactose, salt, pine nuts 1.5%, natural flavors (contain milk and gluten), skimmed milk powder, acidifier: lactic acid, antioxidant: ascorbic acid).